Medical Call Center Leads with Compassionate Care

Medical Call Center Leads with Compassionate Care

Call 4 Health Leads with Compassion as a Business Model 

Company Career Page Seeks Skilled & Compassionate Professionals

“Compassion is good for employees and the corporate bottom line,” says Joseph Pores, CEO of Call 4 Health. It’s an ethic that Pores has stood by for more than two decades since the start of the Call 4 Health business model. Over time, his philosophy has grown into a company-wide movement, and it’s paying off. Today, Call 4 Health has grown into a complete communications BPO for healthcare facilities. And the business is trending as a leader in the field. 
Pores stands by his credo and how it has attributed to the company’s success: “When we see an act of compassion, we are much more likely to act compassionately,” says Pores. “It’s a chain reaction. It’s as simple as that.” 

This viewpoint is considered one of the main reasons why the expanding company is able to identify who is a good fit for the company culture —specifically, those individuals who show the trait and can express the ability to be compassionate in a call center role during the course of an interview and the application process. 
Job seekers know the kind of people the firm is looking to hire ahead of an interview because the Career Page states the fact: “Compassionate, articulate and motivated individuals needed to enhance patient services for millions nationwide.”

Fostering Compassion in the Workplace
The telemedicine field and call centers, in particular, can be a hotbed of stress for personnel. “I hope our company can help others realize what I consider a best practice to cut stress in the workplace. By leading from the top down, Pores asks himself and others: “Isn’t that the kind of workplace culture you would want to work in or lead?”

A stress-filled workplace is just counterproductive, according to Pores, because employee health issues can be stress-induced and then the turnover rate can also rise as a consequence. “That’s why I promote compassion as our credo, rather than a culture that runs on high-octane stress levels,” says Pores. Especially in the telemedicine call center environment — Call 4 Health strives for collaboration and a workplace that’s aligned with a dedicated purpose: To serve clients as a “Compassionate Call Center.” That descriptive is front and center on our website home page because it perfectly expresses who we are,” says Pores.

“Our work requires acts of generosity and empathy on the part of our employees,” adds Pores. “We look for highly motivated, well-organized, ethical and responsible individuals. It takes a certain kind of person to listen, to be patient and also be willing to help others when they need it the most. And that is how our workplace functions at its best,” he says. 

About Call 4 Health
More than “Just” a Call Center, Call4Health is a leading telemedicine services provider with virtual call centers for various medical management services, including nurse triage. Virtual call centers at Call4Health are attended to with the utmost concern, compassion, empathy, and efficiency, every hour of the day, every day of the year.


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